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The Trust Village Academy FREEbie Membership is for those who are at the beginning of their change journey, or those who are in maintenance mode. It includes more than 45 pre-recorded LIVEstreams, webinars, and courses; and at least two (2) real-time LIVEstreams a month.

Topics covered include :

  • Life After: Infidelity (September 2020)

  • Finding Balance (January 2021), and

  • Lost in Translation: How and Why We Lose Ourselves (March 2021)

  • Freebie Villagers also get access to:


    Two of my signature webinars, How Change Works and Unlocking the Law of Attraction in Your Life ($39 Value).


    Plus, I'm including my signature course, EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass, which is sufficient alone to alter your life trajectory completely.  All of this, at no cost to you!​

Take the first step to kickstart your journey of healing and manifestation.

Here's what some of my

O.G. Villagers have to say:

Group O.G.s already know how profound that Masterclass is! It literally changed my life! I was in a really dark place with very low self-esteem, problems with self-acceptance, wallowing in people-pleasing tendencies, clinging to a hella toxic relationship just for the sake of saying I had somebody... I was allll tore up!🤦🏾 But Trice...! Trice came along with them modules and videos, and I sopped it up like gravy....for a while. I started out gung ho, doing the work, setting boundaries, becoming assertive instead of passive, putting people in their proper places, as I had learned. Then, I got the "Big Head" and fell off for a lil bit , but when I felt I was reverting, I went back to my notes. This time, I implemented what I had learned in the Masterclass across all other aspects of my life! It WERKED because I did the work...consistently!  I was in the 1st Masterclass, so it's been a couple of years, but I still refer to my notes TO THIS DAY and attribute what I learned to be a part of my new, SOLID foundation. My glow up has been real, Y'all! Trust Village, Latrice, the Masterclass...will always be considered a catalyst to my personal evolution. It ain't easy, but it's damn sure worth it!!"

Laconda S.

"Hey, I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much that class you offered in 2018 (EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass) really helped me!!!  I learned how to be vulnerable and protect my inner circle.  I am now finally in a healthy and loving relationship that I can be vulnerable in and got rid of the people in my inner circle that did not belong!!! You truly helped me do the work to get here! I am forever grateful. You changed my life path and ended the cycle with just a little work. I was just telling my friend how I refer back to the exercises from time to time to level set where people are in my life. Keep doing what you're doing because after talking to her, I realized that I never thanked you for doing it. So, Thank You!"​

Megan P.

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