Are you tired of living in a perpetual state of emotional survival?

Jumping from one bad relationship to another?


Buried under the burden of generational curses, lack of self-knowledge, and the pressure of societal expectations?

Latrice Sampson Richards, PMHC, LPC-S, CLC

Mental & Emotional Wellness Creative

Licensed Professional Counselor-Supervisor

Certified Life-Enhancement Coach

Eight years ago, I had no idea what I was doing with my life. I hated my job, had no clear plan for what direction I was going to take my career, and was living paycheck to paycheck with a credit score in the low 400's. On top of that, I was deeply dissatisfied with my relationships, and my romantic life was a hot ass mess. Girl, the struggle was so real! Eventually, I reached a breaking point where I decided that something had to change. I realized that I had no idea who I was and where or who I wanted to be. Thus began my journey of transformation.


During that time, I sought information about how to heal my mental and emotional wounds from so-called "gurus" who never really learned how to recover from their traumas. As I moved through my change journey, over and over, I saw misinformation and lack of empathy being sold as "keeping it real." I'd look at the "experts" in my field and wonder how they could be okay with taking advantage of people in their most vulnerable state.  

So, I decided to do something about it.

Over time, I found my stride. I discovered a powerful path to healing using the theories and technical skills I learned while earning my Master's in Counseling Psychology.  Today, I am walking in my purpose, crafting a career that gives me fulfillment and financial stability. I'm happily married to the love of my life. And I'm surrounded by people who genuinely understand, accept, and push me to be a better version of myself each day. The lessons I learned while taking action in my journey have completely turned my life around. These are the lessons I teach here, in Trust Village Academy.  


In 2017, I created a Facebook Community called Trust Village. I am blessed to have a healthy ecosystem that supports me and has no problem reminding me of how dope I actually am. Unfortunately, many of us do not have this. Not only do we not have it, but we have been held hostage by our fear of wanting it. That's why Trust Village exists. It is a safe space for healing and manifestation for Black women ready to build a life they deserve. My Villagers represent Black womanhood in all of its variations. We are mothers, wives, sisters, daughters, aunties, nieces, cousins, and friends. Doctors, lawyers, teachers, cafeteria ladies, stay-at-home mothers, entrepreneurs, creatives, and students. We are not a monolith. We deserve healing, and we need to be able to receive that from someone who is not going to talk down to us, patronize us, or condemn us to get their point across. Trust Village Academy allows you access to complex ideas that facilitate healing in a safe, nurturing, and educational environment.


Are you tired of pretending to be okay? 


Right now, you are in a dark place in your life. You're feeling alone, isolated, and depleted. There's a hopelessness that sets in when you want something for so long but can't figure out how to break free from the cycle of negative life experiences. It feels like you're spinning your wheels. You have low self-esteem and self-worth. Try as you might, you just can't seem to stop people-pleasing at the expense of your mental and emotional stability. Deep down, you know that you're not showing up for your children in the ways they need you.  


Though you know it's time to move on,  you remain in toxic relationships just to say you have someone.  If you're honest with yourself, you'll admit that you are more afraid of being alone than you are of getting hurt.  Alone time forces you to focus on the feelings you've spent most of your life trying to avoid.  Every attempt at getting your life on track furthers your sense of helplessness, recognizing that you are missing the necessary skills for long-term success.

The most significant barriers to mental and emotional healing for Black women are lack of knowledge regarding healing strategies and lack of access to those who hold that knowledge.

There are way too many false prophets preying on our community with promises of "feel-good therapy." They characterize wellness as a luxury expense where "all you have to do is..." As a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach with nearly a decade of experience, I find this portrayal to be both unethical and embarrassing. 

My goal is to make sure that every person who comes into contact with me is made better, regardless of time or circumstance. Many of us confuse a lack of resources (obstacles) with a lack of ability (blocks).  This blurring can paint a picture of despair and stagnation.


In developing our membership tiers, I intentionally removed as many obstacles to your growth as possible. Trust Village Academy allows me to do this by providing 24/7 access to the knowledge and skills you so desperately need. Even our Freebie Villagers have access to information powerful enough to alter the course of their lives. I knew I couldn't keep this knowledge to myself. I want others to have the same feelings of accomplishment and genuine life satisfaction that I experienced and continue to enjoy as I move through my journey of healing and manifestation.

Here's how it works...

Trust Village Academy is an online membership program designed to educate you on the necessary life skills to facilitate your healing and manifestation. But really, it's so much more. With access to over 75 (and counting) LIVEstreams, webinars, and courses, Trust Village Academy is a vault of long-term strategies for whole life changes. We address the reality of what it means to be a Black woman in America. And we do so by sharing our stories and identifying the lessons embedded in each and every one. 


For those ready to kick their journey into overdrive, the Trust Village Academy membership is where you need to be. It includes access to ten (10) real-time webinars a year ($390 Value) addressing topics like:

  • Evidence Over Emotion: How to Confront Your Fear of Being Enough (August 2020)

  • Understanding Attachment Styles (November 2020)

  • Soul Ties & Heartstrings: Understanding the Science of Connection (February 2021), and

  • Interrupting the Single Cycle (June 2021)


Your Trust Village Academy membership investment also includes automatic access to one new real-time course per year. Our 2020 course is Purposeful Parenting ($199 Value). This course is ideal for anyone who has children, hopes to have children one day, works with children, or cares for children in any capacity. Together we will learn the truth about your primary responsibility as a parent or caregiver.  SPOILER ALERT: it is not to love them unconditionally! 


As an added BONUS, you’ll gain immediate access to two of my signature webinars, How Change Works, and Unlocking the Law of Attraction in Your Life ($39 Value). I'm also including my signature course more than 40 pre-recorded LIVEstreams, and at least two (2) real-time LIVEstreams per month covering topics such as:

  • Life After: Infidelity (September 2020)

  • Battling Perfection (November 2020)

  • Finding Balance (January 2021), and

  • Lost in Translation: How and Why We Lose Ourselves (March 2021)


All of this, at no additional cost to you!  You’ll have everything you need to start your change journey and begin reaping the benefits of putting yourself first.  


The cost to individually purchase everything included in the Trust Village Academy membership would be well over $600. But as a member of Trust Village Academy, you'll get it all for $59 per month, paid monthly or $599 a year, paid annually (that's two (2) months free).


The Trust Village Academy membership also offers more hands-on support, for those who feel the need. This membership incorporates everything mentioned above, and grants access to our monthly Healing Circle group coaching calls. Trust Village Academy was designed around the idea that it takes a village to get from weary and depressed to confident and emotionally stable. No one can go it alone. Our monthly group coaching calls provide an opportunity to connect with like-minded women who are serious about their healing. Healing Circles include up to five (5) participants and offer valuable direct access to me, a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life-Enhancement Coach, for two hours a month. These sessions are intended to be much more intimate and uncensored. They facilitate opportunities for growth and healing through vulnerability. You'll have to put your "big girl panties" on to get the most out of this experience! 


This level of personal attention could easily cost upwards of $500 per month in a traditional therapeutic setting. The combined value of the Trust Village Academy membership now elevates to over $1100. As a member of Trust Village Academy, you'll get all of this for $59 per month, paid monthly or $599 a year, paid annually. You can't beat that with a wooden stick! 


Oh, I forgot to mention that if you join the Trust Village Academy membership, you'll receive an autograph copy of my "What Would Trice Say" Journal ($20 value) to keep your notes in one place. Trust me; you'll want to take lots of notes so you can refer back to them as you progress along your change journey.  

Once you're a member of

Trust Village Academy

 You will receive an email with a welcome video, confirming immediate access to your membership portal. We will include a short video to show you how to log in and navigate the portal. You can easily access all of the content available in your membership by visiting I'll be emailing you from time to time to let you know when new content is available. You'll also receive some valuable bonuses and a unique opportunity to take your journey to the next level, so be on the lookout.

I know you're still trying to talk yourself out of making this commitment because, well, you're human. Before you give up on yourself AGAIN, let me address some of those irrational thoughts that keep swirling around. 


  • I've tried plenty of things in the past, what makes this time any different? 

    This time, you have me.

  • I've done some bad things in my life; I deserve to be miserable.

    You cannot punish yourself for doing what you needed to do to survive, mentally or physically. Through the strategies provided in Trust Village Academy, you'll learn how to take responsibility for your actions while also allowing those experiences to teach you how to be the very best version of yourself. 

  • Money is tight right now; I can't afford another bill.

    Members have 24/7 access to all content and bonuses included in their membership tier. You can progress at your own pace.

  • I am being pulled in so many different directions; when will I find the time to do this.​

    Members have 24/7 access to all content and bonuses included in their membership tier. You can progress at your own pace.

  • I don't know if I am strong enough to handle the emotional turmoil of my past experiences.​

    You have already been through some horrible things, and you're here to tell the story. That fact is proof that you can handle the process of healing from those things for good.

  • Other people have it way worse than me; I can't keep using my experiences as an excuse.​

    It's not an excuse; it's just an explanation. An excuse allows us to stay stuck where we are. Explanations give us the information we need to heal and manifest.

Still not sure?

Here's what some of my original

O.G. Villagers have to say:

Hey, Fam! I'm excited about the upcoming Trust Village Academy! Group O.G.s already know how profound that Masterclass is! It literally changed my life! I was in a really dark place with very low self-esteem, problems with self-acceptance, wallowing in people-pleasing tendencies, clinging to a hella toxic relationship just for the sake of saying I had somebody... I was allll tore up!🤦🏾 But Trice...! Trice came along with them modules and videos, and I sopped it up like gravy....for a while. I started out gung ho, doing the work, setting boundaries, becoming assertive instead of passive, putting people in their proper places, as I had learned. Then, I got the "Big Head" and fell off for a lil bit , but when I felt I was reverting, I went back to my notes. This time, I implemented what I had learned in the Masterclass across all other aspects of my life! It WERKED because I did the work...consistently!  I was in the 1st Masterclass, so it's been a couple of years, but I still refer to my notes TO THIS DAY and attribute what I learned to be a part of my new, SOLID foundation. My glow up has been real, Y'all! Trust Village, Latrice, the Masterclass...will always be considered a catalyst to my personal evolution. It ain't easy, but it's damn sure worth it!!"

Laconda S.

"Trust Village is not just a group to me. It is a place where I can go to release things that I feel that I cannot release with close family and friends without judgment. And I love the fact that when I release the things that I have carried for so long, I am also helping members who are also going through the same things, so we then form a bond with a person that I haven't met in person. Words can't express how that feels. I just know that I am grateful to know that I am not alone in the process that I am taking steps to get my life together!! I am looking forward to taking the Masterclass because I am ready to put in the work to make me better!!!!"​

Maudie M-R.

"Hey, I just wanted to reach out to you and tell you how much that class you offered in 2018 (EmpowHER Your Vision Masterclass) really helped me!!!  I learned how to be vulnerable and protect my inner circle.  I am now finally in a healthy and loving relationship that I can be vulnerable in and got rid of the people in my inner circle that did not belong!!! You truly helped me do the work to get here! I am forever grateful. You changed my life path and ended the cycle with just a little work. I was just telling my friend how I refer back to the exercises from time to time to level set where people are in my life. Keep doing what you're doing because after talking to her, I realized that I never thanked you for doing it. So, Thank You!"​

Megan P.

Are you entirely over giving your money to false prophets painting a picture of unattainable results?


Ready to make some changes, but don't know where to start?


Imagine what it would feel like to transcend those limitations and finally achieve genuine and sustainable healing and manifestation.

I see you. I know that you're tired of dreaming about healthy relationships, financial surplus, deep inner peace, and a ridiculous amount of joy. Trust Village Academy is where you come to when you have made up in your mind that your journey begins NOW! This is not your typical membership program. We're dealing with REAL issues and teaching REAL skills & strategies for people who are looking for REAL long-term transformation.

Every month you'll have access to a wealth of knowledge containing life-altering skills and strategies that can be implemented almost immediately. Categories include:

  • Relationships
  • Goals & Manifestation
  • Perception
  • Self-Care, and 
  • Candid Convos (These are my FAVORITE!!)

    We will address the Why? and How? so that you can get to enjoying the What? When? and Where?

    Now is your chance to experience the warmth of companionship, celebration, and a complete understanding & acceptance of self. I know you're scared, but I also know you're ready. I cannot guarantee that this journey will be easy. However, I promise I will be here with you every step of the way; me and the thousands of women who are also embarking on their quest for more. 

    Will you join us?

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